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2nd victim to Large Pothole on Bridgewater RoadPOTHOLE on BRIDGEWATER ROAD, NOW REPAIRED. COUNCIL PROBLEMS as it was reported a while ago by a third party.

by N8 YEA

22 May 2017

On 12/03/2017 at roughly 2300 hours I was travelling towards Alperton with the intention to go onto the A40 at hangar lane. When I was driving there were no other vehicles on the road hence I was in the left hand lane. I was travelling was a friend who was in the front passenger seat, he drives himself. We heard a loud thud and the car bounced aggressively. It was clear the car had gone over a pothole. When I returned to the pothole it was very long and not that deep however the exit point of the pothole was was vertical and rigid.

Because if this it didn't have a slop out of the pothole like many others in the country. Because of this I have a large dent in my alloys which I'm told by professionals is likely to crack when repaired.

When I've looked at it I've found the both nearside passenger wheels are dented and now unsafe.

I've made this entry late purely because when I contacted Brent council I was told by a member of staff that someone had reported this in February 2017 I think Possibily the 12th. I'm being told that they were informed of the damage on the 20/02/2017. This has annoyed me because they new earlier that the 20th.

Pothole location
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