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Deep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to Pirbright

by tigger1980

25 Jan 2010

Driving back from work along this road, coming from pirbright towards the M3. I hit the pothole which measures:
40" (100cm) long x 16" wide (40cm) x 5" (12.5cm) deep

See attached pictures (3 x wide photo, 1 x closeup) (note: pothole at top of wide photos)

As it was getting dark I was unable to see the pothole and because of oncoming traffic I was unable to manouvre when I did see it, at the last minute.

Probably hit it around 30-35mph as it is on a corner and is approaching traffic lights. The Front RHS suspension completely bottomed out and made the whole could car shudder.

The resulting problems from this incident are:
- Car now has a visible shudder at around 50-60mph
- Suspension seems to be ineffective in comparison to the LHS front suspension
- Front RHS now has a vertical shudder at low speed

With the images shown do you think I have a reasonable claim?

stories title
Deep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to PirbrightDeep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to PirbrightDeep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to Pirbright
Pothole location
Mytchett Place Rd, Camberley, Surrey GU16 6, UK
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Comments (2)

AlloyWheelRepairs    posted : 18/02/13 at 12.53am

Check out for buckled or bent pothole damaged wheels, Del can fix anything, unfortunately he does not deal directly with insurance companies, you need to do that. But he will provide reciept with damage reported on it, in order to claim against insurance companies.

Rona    posted : 26/01/10 at 9.54pm

Mychett Place Road was reported by me Monday AM 25/01/10 to Potholes and Surrey CCrndue to flat tyre and damage to the front offside wheel of my vehicle after hitting a deep pothole on this road. I am hoping there is no damage to the rear wheel or suspension. The section of road in question is between the Railway/canal bridge and Mychett Lake Road. Surrey CC [not MOD] have confirmed they are responsible for this road within the local council area of Surrey Heath BC.rnThis is an unlit road with a slight incline and a bend and my incident occured at 1745.rn rn Derek Bangs Farnboroughrn

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