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A27 ( Romsey Road) Whiteparish in Wiltshire Added by: claydonp on 18 02 2010; 6 comments

Unprovable but it seems likely to have been a factor in addition to the alcohol level. An East bound travelling car left the road having hit the pot holed areaof the A27 and ploughed into our garden and demolished our courtyard wall at 2.30am...

LUCKY IF YOU DRIVE IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE Added by: SNAKEY on 09 02 2010; 2 comments

so if this council can do it why can't yours ??????

Potholes in Colkirk, Norfolk Added by: RobLucking on 03 02 2010; 0 comments

We had a couple of big potholes open up in the road outside our house, no doubt caused by the cold weather and exacerbated by the number of agricultural vehicles and 4x4s using the road. Reported them to Norfolk County Council on a Sunday via...

Advice Added by: pure on 18 01 2010; 1 comments

[1] As far back as biblical times inc. Greeks and Romans use was made of a natural material - mastic asphalt to waterproof,fill cracks, holes and generally construct with......some still exists today… [2] Modern engineers, however, mostly...

Victory for the small man!! Added by: mickyb on 16 01 2010; 21 comments

Hi - Just thought I would let everyone know the results of my small claims action against Newcastle City Council for £175 damage to my car caused by potholes. Car was damaged on a shocking piece of road where numerous potholes had developed...

Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair Successful In Cold Weather Added by: andyg on 15 01 2010; 3 comments

Instarmac's Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair material is being used successfully in the recent extreme cold weather. In cumbria it is being used to repair areas in temperatures as low as minus 9 degrees centigrade. Our export department is...

Can't wait the council to repair that hole!! Added by: John_Hart on 14 01 2010; 3 comments

The road of my house looked more like a streat from Irak than a road from Kent. The council said they would carry out some repairs but they were getting bigger, I simply couldn't wait and decided to do some research and repair at least the one...

Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair Added by: andyg on 13 01 2010; 2 comments

Instarmac's Pothole Repair material is now being supplied by D.I.Y Supermarket for all types of small repairs to roads, paths and drives. To view demo video click the below link:

Alan Added by: Meriadoc on 31 12 2009; 5 comments

Driving round a sharp bend on a country lane in Bedfordshire on the 17th October 2009 nearside wheel went down pothole - changed wheel at safe location with ally wheel and tyre beyond repair. £290 Pot hole about six feet long 8 inches wide and...

Permanent Pothole Repair - No Waste! Added by: andyg on 18 12 2009; 2 comments

Did you know that Ultracrete's reknowned Permanent Pothole Repair in 25kg tubs, offers the ultimate solution for no wastage? Unlike similar products, Permanent Pothole Repair offers you an environmentally friendly option for your pothole...

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