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Title? I found a pothole Added by: Pmoore on 25 01 2017; 2 comments

On Tuesday 24th January driving on the Baughurst road, just outside Ramsdell, (near Basingstoke) on a road I use often. This is a country lane with no lighting. The weather was cold but clear with isolated patches of light mist along the route....

Immortal Principles for Web Applications Advancement Added by: focifo on 24 01 2017; 2 comments

Immortal Principles for Web Applications Advancement Web applications are turning out to be increasingly vital for cutting edge organizations. These applications give organizations a focused edge, as well as give them the correct apparatuses...

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Added by: focifo on 24 01 2017; 1 comments

Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC has some expertise in top of the line mechanical building plan and item advancement. We have broad experience putting up new items from origination for sale to the public. Give us a chance to help you...

Silicone Sex Doll Added by: siliconesexdollnl on 23 01 2017; 0 comments

U kunt het vinden van een hoge kwaliteit Siliconen Sexpoppen met alle eenzame nacht. Nu vind je het, onze siliconen poppen je voor altijd te begeleiden (+44) 20 8050 1898 E-mail: Koop nu:

Some Basic Types Of Credit Cards Added by: ijoliajeen on 21 01 2017; 1 comments

Credit has become an important financial term to get a lot of facilities nowadays. You cannot get a job without a good credit score, not even apply for a mortgage if your credit score is not up to the level and you may also never get approved for...

Council can't accept money from business to fix potholes Added by: Corny1101 on 19 01 2017; 3 comments

We have a small manufacturing plant consisting of five units on an industrial estate, that is littered with potholes. We always have to transport goods by forklifts to different ends of our factory units, which means we have to use the road to do...

Road subsidence on A95 through Cromdale Added by: Dickm on 16 01 2017; 8 comments

It's been like this since Christmas. Typical council ineptitude!

Deep, sharp edged pothole Added by: Deb44 on 15 01 2017; 5 comments

Driving north out of Kington St Michael on the narrow road leading over the M4, just beyond the turning to Stanton St Quentin, we met an oncoming vehicle. Pulling over to allow us to pass each other, there was a tremendous jolt as we realised we...

Large pothole outside Alperton Medical Centre Added by: tazahuja on 14 01 2017; 2 comments

Was parking in a designated bay and drove through a pothole at very low speed, but have managed to damage my wheel. 12/01/2017, 830 pm.

B416 Park Rd SL2 4PJ Added by: ageorgievskiy on 09 01 2017; 7 comments

Today just within 15 minutes 2 cars had tyres punched there

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