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Pothole popped 2 of my tyres!! Added by: evogav on 02 02 2017; 2 comments

Email that I've sent to the council... Hi. I was travelling home from work tonight along Woodbank Ln Chester CH1 6JH. Exact location of the pothole is here I have had to leave my car at a nearby pub car park...

Hope In The road Added by: dohertyjade on 01 02 2017; 3 comments

I was driving down temple fortune lane after work. What I thought was a puddle in the dark turned out to be a massive pothole, if I can even call it that. It burst my tyre completely. I had to call out the RAC and as a result I've had to leave my...

Pothole blew car tyre Added by: cwylie on 01 02 2017; 3 comments

Heading to the airport when I hit the pothole. Tyre blew and I need up on the side of the A3 for 2 hours in -4. Missed flight for work. Had to buy new tyre and new flight.

Minor potholes found at the junction of Kings and Queens Road Added by: louietonghk on 31 01 2017; 2 comments

There are 3 minor potholes found near 69 Queens Road, another pothole was near the stop sign of Kings Road

Manhole cover Added by: adencool on 31 01 2017; 2 comments

Looking for some advise - note this is not to do with a pothole - but similar yesterday, i was driving round a blind corner when on a low lit road when i hit a upside down manhole cover, this blew my tyre. i pulled up in to a layby, when...

How to download lyrics? Added by: john464 on 30 01 2017; 2 comments

How to download lyrics? Lyrics MeaningLyrics Translation

Potholes- Fix this dangerous road defect Added by: oonfun on 27 01 2017; 6 comments

If your car has been damaged by pothole, first of all you must know how to claim against the local council. All you have to do is to report a poor condition of road and also let others to know about them by just writing a story. On this site, you...

Large Group of Potholes on B3087 near Burbage, Wiltshire Added by: russwilsonuk on 27 01 2017; 2 comments

This pothole is very difficult to see - unlit road. I hit this in the dark and it's broken a coil spring on my car (£100 cost so far). Please be careful on this road, as there have been cyclist deaths in Wiltshire in the past due to potholes and...

LARGE POTHOLE FROM KERB 2FT INTO ROAD Added by: aidank on 26 01 2017; 2 comments

I was unable to avoid a pothole on a Major Trunk Road around 8.35 pm on the 18 January 2017. It was slight drizzle and I was Driving 30 mph when I hit the Pothole (I have a Dash Camera which recorded the whole incident and the aftermath as well...

Potholes damage- Quite necessary to fix it! Added by: oonfun on 26 01 2017; 5 comments

Potholes are one of the common driving hazards that the people face every day. The potholes can cause extensive damage to the vehicles that needs costly repairs. The best prevention is to fix the

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