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Damages Paid! Added by: RBuck on 15 02 2011; 4 comments

Here is recent email we were sent from a successful user: "I just wanted to say thank you for running such a helpful website. Following your advice, I was able to properly research my claim into a pothole accident last year and have now...

Pothole Cumberland Road Congleton Added by: MrsT on 14 02 2011; 3 comments


Speedy service! Added by: thinkpink000001234 on 13 12 2010; 5 comments

I reported a pothole last Wednesday and was amazed that within 3 days this hole was filled. Brilliant. Just wanted to thank you for being so responsive. Well done!

Use the Freedom of Information Act Added by: apvm66 on 15 10 2010; 14 comments

My son's girlfriend damaged her car to the value of £360 in at pothole on a local main road. A claim was made to a local council, but it was rejected as they claiming statutory defence under Section 58 of the 1980 Highways Act. I followed...

Thanks to Added by: hilary on 22 09 2010; 6 comments

I had the misfortune to hit a very deep pothole on a bend, on a slope, on the slip road after leaving a fast by-pass, at a point where where oncoming traffic dazzled one, and where there was nowhere to stop. Mercifully, I did not lose control of...

They Paid Up!!! Added by: RBuck on 20 08 2010; 5 comments

On behalf of parish: After 7 months of getting a bruised forehead - and thanks to this website - I finally got confirmation today that Herts Highways are going to settle my claim in full ! Having asked for and received the 2 years of data...

Successful claim Oxfordshire Added by: RBuck on 20 08 2010; 3 comments

On behalf of spike62: Went down a pothole early March and tyre burst instantly. There were a series of big holes and there was no avoiding them due to oncoming traffic. I took pictures with my camera phone and went on line and found this site....

Take photographs !!!!! Added by: bob6572 on 16 08 2010; 7 comments

I hit a pothole on a country road in April 2010 causing damage to an alloy wheel which had to be replaced costing £150. I followed the advice on this site and reported the pothole to the council and then made a claim for the damage. After...

Potholes story (Wandsworth admits liability) Added by: RBuck on 28 07 2010; 4 comments

(Published on Behalf of a user) In February, with the winter weather at its worst, I drove straight into a pothole in the dark, whose depth I could not gauge. It turned out to be a very deep hole and the steering started juddering thereafter....

Woodcote Green Road, Epsom Added by: Potmaniac on 24 07 2010; 4 comments

I reported this pothole back in February after a double blowout to the nearside tyres. Since when the road was repaired in early March (it was already earmarked for repair to numerous potholes). I did not put in a claim until the end of...

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