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Khasab Musandam Beach Camping & Dhow Cruise – Outdoor Camping On Sandy Beach In Khasab Added by: mmkamran on 24 02 2017; 2 comments

Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise & Camping offering you outdoor camping on a magical sandy beach inside “Musandam Fjords”. Experience romantic nights with your friends and families on Khasab beach campsite inside Musandam under the starry sky on a...

TPE Doll with Metal Skeleton Added by: tpedoll on 23 02 2017; 2 comments

TPE sex dolls are made of thermoplastic Elastomer. It is fairly popular material that is used in everyday rubber items. They are very realistic and come in lifelike appearance. Plus, because of TPE materials, they are very soft and smooth to...

Pothole Added by: Antanddec1 on 22 02 2017; 4 comments

It is a massive pot hole that has apparently been reported 3 weeks ago the garage I struggled to get to said he had had 10 people in that day and they knew it was reported at least 3 weeks ago. I was told that I had to take photos even though it...

Pot hole Added by: ads_smith on 22 02 2017; 1 comments

1 on the left curb side as the road goes from 2 lanes to 1 the 2 meters or so later 2-3 consecutive potholes on the right hand part of the lane going towards bristol COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, DRIVING IN THE DARK IN THE RAIN YOU WILL NEVER SEE...

Male Doll: Sexy toy for women & gay Added by: maledoll on 22 02 2017; 1 comments

Buying a male doll can be problematic if you cannot figure out where to get the perfect one, that will satisfactorily match your taste and preference. Website:

Pot hole Added by: Caranara on 20 02 2017; 2 comments

Driving along mareham lane for the first time and didn't see a pothole in the road. This damaged my car, I have two bent alloy wheels!!

2 very large, deep potholes Added by: Kirkie1504 on 19 02 2017; 2 comments

Driving down A647 towards Pudsey this morning doing the speed Limit (40mph). When i hit 1 pothole, closely followed by another which completey blew my tyre out. I was forced to stop immediately and put on my hazard lights. Once i had checked...

Large Pothole at nearside edge of road Added by: QPV8EVO on 17 02 2017; 2 comments

This evening (Friday 17th February 2017) at around 9.00pm whilst travelling towards Duns Tew on the Duns Tew road from Middle Barton a car came in the opposite direction and I had to move to the very outside of the narrow road to allow the car to...

Pothole Warning Beams to Your Dash Could Save You Cash Added by: GemmaGinsberg on 17 02 2017; 3 comments

Costly car repairs could be prevented with the help of an ingenious, crowd sourced virtual pothole map, which Ford is researching, with testing due to start later this year. The map would show drivers, in real-time, on in-car displays, where...

A17 POTHOLE HELL Added by: footballgetto on 17 02 2017; 1 comments

Along this stretch of the A17 there are some deep potholes, beware. They are present on both sides of the A17.

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