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Success at last Added by: Roadworrier on 11 06 2012; 4 comments

On the night of March 3rd 2012, it was my misfortune to hit a pothole on the Crow Road (B822) about three miles north of Lennoxtown. The road is a single carriageway, unlit, national speed limit trunk road that winds through the Campsie Hills...

Success - received reimbursement this week Added by: khalid49 on 22 04 2012; 1 comments

Hi, Just to let you all know that persistence does pay off. Received the standard rejection letter, to which I replied, requesting proof of maintenance under freedom of information act (from the contractor - the authority had already provided...

Not liable!! Grrrrrr :( Added by: sandy321 on 17 01 2012; 2 comments

In November last year I went over a nasty pothole which caused me to have a flat tyre on the way home from work and was stuck on the motorway 5 months pregnant late in the night on my own. On waiting for the RAC discovered the damage to my...

Cumbria County Council Added by: REwood on 24 11 2011; 3 comments

To cut a very long story short, I hit a really bad pothole in January this year that damaged two alloys and tyres on my two year old x-type. I had just bought the car and was gutted. I had to replace both wheels and tyres at a cost of £550. I...

Claim Success Added by: Frankos on 18 10 2011; 0 comments

I won a pothole claim against the council. They tried to deny with s.58 defence. I provided to statements from independent witnesses. I also took advice from nmips. They were brilliant.

Successful Claim - Pothole - Thanks Added by: doitsy on 21 09 2011; 4 comments

I hit a pothole back in January this year, I reported it to Cambs County Council straight away and sent off the claim form for the £330 of damage it caused (new alloy, tyre, balancing, VAT etc). Shock horror, they came back and said 'no'. I...

Ultracrete permanent pothole repair Added by: aeburt on 16 09 2011; 1 comments

Ultracrete permanent pothole repair is certainly leading the way in repairing both DIY repairs and now with HAPAS approval it can be used in many commercial and highway situations. Easy to use and packed in convenient tubs it makes repairing...

Successful Damage Claim Added by: ZMBOY on 11 09 2011; 0 comments

My son damage the wheel and tyre on his car in February this year after hitting a large pothole in Glasgow.The damage was such that the vehicle mechanic described it as a square wheel. I photographed the wheel and locus and requested a claim...

Well Done Added by: emjayel on 18 07 2011; 1 comments

Well done and Wiltshire council. Pothole filled in within 24 hours of being reported.

Succes Pothole Barrhead Rd Glasgow Added by: DRDH on 10 06 2011; 0 comments

Details of the incident. Date: 4 February 2011 Time 14:30 Location Lat. 55.822468N Long. 4.322225W B762 Barrhead Road Road/Traffic conditions: Heavy rain, busy traffic. While travelling Eastbound on the B762, my daughter hit a very...

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