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Roti Maker @ Added by: rotimaking on 17 12 2014; 0 comments

Roti making is not a difficult job but what makes it difficult is rolling over a dough to give it a circular shape and then cooking it the right way and in right proportion to provide that palatable taste. In an effort to automate and ease this,...

Professional Packers and Movers - How They Work Added by: tourtravelets on 15 12 2014; 0 comments

So you have decided to relocate, and have thought to give the task to a Packers and Movers. This indeed is an intelligent idea. Earlier to that all you want to know is the work culture of a Moving firm, if hiring them for the first time. If...

Movers and Packers Mumbai: - Pressure Cost-free Separation Added by: uttamsingh on 13 12 2014; 0 comments

You may have to go the office or home from one destination to yet another getaway, perhaps one talk about to another talk about. Even though transferring the office or home you might confront many frantic in addition to tedious troubles....

Movers and Packers Hyderabad: - Explore lasting packers along with movers Hyderabad to your reallocation needs Added by: uttamsingh on 13 12 2014; 0 comments

Movers and Packers Hyderabad is just about the quickest expanding organizations regarding Of india packers along with movers. It can be operating with Of india by a long time along with keep great information about this specific website. Packers...

Packers and Movers Hyderabad: - Hyderabad packers along with movers really not a high-end company Added by: uttamsingh on 13 12 2014; 0 comments

Hyderabad packers along with movers is usually famous thing regarding packers along with movers gang of companies. It is successfully providing on the planet regarding logistics coming from substantial reasonable length of time. It gives you...

Bucks - balance of probability and the unqualified inspector Added by: grantgoodman on 19 11 2014; 0 comments

Recently awarded £1,150 by the county court for claim for damaged wheels, court costs etc after judge decided that on balance of probability the Cat1 hole i hit must have been there at the time of the previous inspection. I took lots of photos...

Section 58 Defence - it is usually a bluff! Added by: Noah on 06 11 2014; 1 comments

It seems that most County Councils will automatically respond with a 'Section 58' defence to deter any frivolous claims. However, this also deters the majority of legitimate claims (e.g. the deterrent is the plaintiff's fear of the unknown if the...

Bil Donnachie Added by: Billy Donnachie on 07 09 2014; 1 comments

If you have had a pothole damage claim with any UK council I have found a legal loophole where you will get payment.

Purdis road pothole fixed Added by: maviczap on 23 04 2014; 0 comments

I reported a pothole in Purdis Road, nr Ipswich, after crashing on my pushbike. I rode down the lane today & found the pothole had been filled & several other dangerous holes had also been marked to be repaired.

several potholes Added by: BryanBee on 23 03 2014; 0 comments

Partial success - of the four deep potholes ONE ONLY was filled in last week by HCC!!! I did not change my report to this website BUT the report has disappeared from the map! Reported again Sun 23/03/14 - there are still two potholes there. ...

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