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In this section, users can share advice about making a claim or any other pothole issue. Once a query has been posted it will appear in the list below. By clicking on a query you will be able to see responses from other users, or share your own knowledge by posting a reply.

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Situation    - 4 replies
03 10 2016

Thank you for your letter of the 9 Sept relating to damage to my car tyre and wheel 3 July Bentham Hill Spedhurst. My understanding of your statements are 1/ There was a delay in any...

Late Claim, no photos    - 12 replies
20 09 2016

Hi - around April my wife and I were out for a ride in the Yorkshire dales when we hit an almighty pothole .- the thump was really bad. I stopped the car in a safe place about half a mile down...

Claiming against the council    - 4 replies
13 09 2016

I was wondering if I would be able to successfully claim against the council due to a pothole which lead to me crashing my car. The pothole is on a country road and I was travelling down round the...

Over-hanging Tree Branch    - 3 replies
31 08 2016

Sorry it's not pothole related but I'm assuming the claims process is similar.... This branch was unavoidable, and photographed and resulted in a destroyed wing mirror.... the council have...

Low offer    - 2 replies
14 08 2016

My garage bill for recovering my car and repairing broken suspension after hitting a deep pothole was £398. The council's solicitors (claims adjuster) has only offered £180, stating "In a claim of...

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