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In this section, users can share advice about making a claim or any other pothole issue. Once a query has been posted it will appear in the list below. By clicking on a query you will be able to see responses from other users, or share your own knowledge by posting a reply.

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Cycle accident    - 3 replies
17 01 2017

Hi on 7am on 17 Jan 2017 I inadvertently road into a large deep pothole outside Crewe train station at the junction of the station access road and main carriage way I did not see the hole as it...

pothole claim refused by Herts Council    - 3 replies
19 12 2016

My car tyre was recently split and deflated immediately by a large pothole and when I wrote to the council, their reply was that they were not negligent which going by most online forums the...

Scottish Highways Act    - 1 reply
30 11 2016

Does anyone know what the equivalent of Section 41 is for Scottish roads? I am mid claim, the FOIA request shows no history of any inspections or maintenance in the 2years prior to the damage...

Kerbstone Damage to wheel    - 1 reply
22 11 2016

I have added this to Stories.. with photos Good afternoon - back in October I was dropping a friend home in Yarningale Road, Birmingham and I caught my rear wheel on a protruding kerbstone,...

16 11 2016

Hi All. I damaged my vehicle in June 2016. I have just had a reply from my local council saying that as I was the 1st to hit thepothole and it had not been previously reported, they will not...

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